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February 11, 2020 in Down syndrome, Family - No Comments

Easton is TWO! How can that be!? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was sitting in the NICU with him praying to get to take him home? Well maybe not, but it certainly feels like it. The past two years have flown by. Seriously. FLOWN. BY. When I think back over our time together, I feel joy. It has been a crazy, often stressful, but the most amazing two years of my life. With that being said, Easton has changed so much in just the past month that sometimes he seems like a different kid. I wanted to remember all of these things, so I thought a blog post was in order. 

Easton has quickly turned into what I like to call a “twonager”. His mood swings will give you whiplash if you let them. One second he is throwing a temper tantrum because I won’t let him eat the dog food, and one minute later he is giving me hugs and kisses as if the entire tantrum didn’t happen. He also seems to have “selective hearing”. He 100% will ignore me if he sees fit in the moment. If he doesn’t want to go to bed, he just doesn’t hear me telling him- super convenient for him, not so much for me!

He also has this new-found independence. He wants to do everything on his own, on his terms. But, he also can be super clingy and snuggly too. Every time he falls down or even does the smallest thing that could possibly hurt a tiny bit (but not enough to really hurt), he will run over to me, whining, with his arms in the air ready for a hug and kiss to make it all better. I’m not going to lie, I totally love this one. I will soak up every second of it too.
Since turning two, I have noticed that his speech is really starting to explode. Is he saying full words yet? No. But is he making progress in his speech? YES! He has been using so many more signs lately and trying to say more words. His expressive communication is starting to blossom. 

​I will often times get frustrated with his speech delay. I only get frustrated, when he feels frustrated. I can tell when he wants to tell me something and just can’t get it out. That is often when the tantrums will arise. I hate seeing him not be able to do something he so badly wants to. It’s definitely a mom heart crusher. During these times though, I just have to remind myself of how far he has come. I know he will get there soon. We just have to keep working at it, and have patience in the meantime.
Easton has also been really loving to sing, dance, and read books. He loves loves LOVES to sing and read. Those two things are probably his favorite. There are so many times during the day that I will find him sitting quietly looking at a book, or he will bring me one to read. I pray his love for books just continues to grow as he gets older! 

Easton has been into running and climbing lately too. We used to be able to contain him in the living room with an old ottoman- that life is SO over. He can very quickly climb over it now and escape. So, toddler proofing has become very important around here! 

At his two-year checkup, he weighed 25 pounds and was 33 inches long. He is currently hitting a growth spurt because all of his clothes seem to have gotten smaller over night! Most days he is a great eater, but some days he can be very picky. Those days require a lot of patience. He is also getting his two-year molars. They are coming in VERY slowly. But for the most part, he is doing well with it.

I am loving this stage of Easton’s life. He learns something new every single day. He is loving and caring, while being quite the rough and tumble boy that he is. I can’t wait to see how much he continues to learn and grow over the next few months!

Then the next stage of our life will be here….life with a little brother! I can’t wait!


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Hey! I’m Krista!

Hey! I’m Krista!

I live in Chesterfield, VA with my husband Drew, and our two boys, Easton and Asher. Easton was born with Down syndrome. Easton's prenatal diagnosis was one that I struggled with greatly at first. Once he was born, I realized that everything doctors told me about all the things he wouldn't be able to do weren't true, and I became empowered. I felt the call and need to share our story with others in hopes that other women walking in our shoes could see that life with Down syndrome is not scary. It is filled with wonder, excitement, and joy. Follow along as I share all about motherhood, Down syndrome, our home, and lifestyle.

xoxo, Krista

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