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6 Tips for SURVIVING Quarantine

April 8, 2020 in Uncategorized - No Comments

Hey guys! What a crazy few weeks this has been! I still can’t believe the state of the world we are currently living in. I know how stressful it is. It’s so easy to let panic and anxiety set in. I have had to be really INTENTIONAL about being positive and creating structure in my day even though I can’t leave the house, or see my friends and family!

Tip ONE: Start your day with affirmations, feed your faith, and personal development. If you have kids, get up before them. This way you can have a slow start to your day. You can enjoy your coffee, listen to a podcast while you get dressed, shower, or do chores. Read a daily devotion. Do whatever it is that feeds your soul.

Tip TWO: Workout. Get your body moving. This has made the BIGGEST impact on my life. It gets the endorphins flowing. It releases stress, anxiety, and fear. For me, working out isn’t just about changing my physical body, but it’s also about changing my mental state as well. When I’m working out, I find my grit, peace, calm. I center myself in my faith. It’s almost like I’m worshipping God while I’m working out. I block everything else out, and I find Him. This is what has kept my sane.

I’m telling you. If you only listen to one of these tips, let it be this one. You will never regret working out.

Tip THREE: Connection + Community. It is so so important to stay as connected to YOUR PEOPLE as possible. Who are a part of your tribe? Stay connected to them. Luckily, in the world we live in, it is so easy to stay connected when we can’t physically be together. Thank the Lord for that!

I have happy hours with different friend groups a few times a week. I check in with my fitness and wellness group EVERY DAY. I talk to my mom and best friends on Facetime EVERY DAY. Find your people, and schedule in time in your day to connect with them.

Tip FOUR: Structure and consistency. Being at home all day, every day can lead to every day blending into the next. I don’t know about you, but this can lead to depression for me. I thrive in a structured environment. I need a schedule. From my experience as a teacher and a mom, I truly believe that children to best with a structured day as well. Kids (and adults like me) like to know what is coming next. Unstructured environments often lead to feelings of chaos. This is not to say that every day has to look exactly the same. There is definitely room for flexibility. But for the most part, I believe it’s best to stick to somewhat of a schedule.

Tip FIVE: Have fun. Are you home with your kids? Are they driving you nuts? Mine too. haha. BUT when they are driving me crazy, and I feel like I’m going to explode- I stop and think to myself, “why is this happening? Why are they acting like this?” It’s usually because they are in NEED of something. They are hungry, tired, bored, want attention, etc. Try to figure out the need and fill it. Usually with my kids, its that they are bored. So I take that time to be intentional about HAVING FUN with them. Go outside if you can. Do a puzzle. Play a game. Play with Play-doh. Anything. Just enjoy your time with your kids or spouse.

Alone? Zoom or Google hang out with someone and play cards. The possibilities are endless!

Tip SIX: Get Dressed. This is another one that I learned pretty quickly when I first started staying at home with my boys. I would just stay in pajamas all day every day. Don’t get me wrong, PJ days are great and well deserved. But when you do it EVERY DAY, it becomes depressing. So, get up and get dressed. You don’t have to get all done up, but put on some clothes as if you were going somewhere. I promise, it will make you feel better!


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Hey! I’m Krista!

Hey! I’m Krista!

I live in Chesterfield, VA with my husband Drew, and our two boys, Easton and Asher. Easton was born with Down syndrome. Easton's prenatal diagnosis was one that I struggled with greatly at first. Once he was born, I realized that everything doctors told me about all the things he wouldn't be able to do weren't true, and I became empowered. I felt the call and need to share our story with others in hopes that other women walking in our shoes could see that life with Down syndrome is not scary. It is filled with wonder, excitement, and joy. Follow along as I share all about motherhood, Down syndrome, our home, and lifestyle.

xoxo, Krista

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